The Order of Nature

The Order of Nature is a curatorial project exploring intersection of queerness, architecture, and landscape design, with a specific focus on Lunuganga, the garden crafted by architect Geoffrey Bawa in Sri Lanka. Explored against the backdrop of colonial penal codes that criminalise queer bodies, this project examines how Lunuganga subverts traditional paradigms of garden design through its representations and ecological aspects which questions the perceptions of what defines “normal” and “natural”. It underscores the importance of incorporating otherness into architectural and landscape design to create inclusive spaces. This exploration is facilitated through an installation of the same title, scheduled for viewing in December 2023, as well as a series of workshops, and public talks leading up to the To Lunuganga programme closing event in July 2024.

The project seeks to promote ongoing research and dialogue that recognises and celebrates the hidden queer histories within our built environment. The launch of this project was supported by the Prince Claus Fund.

The Order of Nature, installation view, Lunuganga, 2023

Thilini Perera
︎ Multidisciplinary designer
︎Colombo, Sri Lanka