Living it down: Life after relocation in Colombo’s high rises
A report by CPA based on findings of a survey conducted with 1222 households in Colombo forcibly relocated by the Rajapaksa regime. The findings of this survey question many narratives created around the working class poor of Colombo living in “underserved settlements”. That the affected communities live in slums and shanties, in unhygienic, unsanitary flood prone environments surrounded by drug dealers are narratives that serve the purpose of a Government looking to “liberate” commercially valuable property in Colombo by relocating communities to high-rise complexes built by the Urban Development Authority (UDA) in the North of Colombo since 2010. The data collected were created into infographics to be used for the reports and awareness campaigns on social media.

Thilini Perera
︎ Multidisciplinary designer
︎Colombo, Sri Lanka