Radical Geographies

Annual Report commission by Urgent Action Fund Asia Pacific.  Read the full report here.

2021 presented the toughest terrains to navigate - conflicts, coups, political turbulence, amid a global pandemic that left no population unscathed. Even as struggles and hardship intensified for women and non-binary human rights defenders, they innovated on ways to survive, collectivise and draw strength to face adversities. Much like how lichens find way to grow on bare, inhospitable earth, feminist movements sprouted and sustained life even in scorched landscape.

Radical Geographies is Urgent Action Fund, Asia & Pacific’s annual narrative of learning on how as a feminist rapid response fund we traversed the shaky grounds of 2021. This report takes you through the journey of how feminist grant-making prepared the grounds for human rights defence to spawn and fruit even in inhospitable terrains. How roots of collective care and symbiosis through sisterhood nourished feminist landscapes of Asia and the Pacific. ‘Radical Geographies’ borrows language and inspiration from the magnificent, but invisible ecologies of fungi, molluscs and lichens to explore resilience, rebellion, care and interconnectedness of regional feminist communities and movements.

Thilini Perera
︎ Multidisciplinary designer
︎Colombo, Sri Lanka